The Challenge

The various processes in the industries require the input of a wide range of chemicals and dyestuffs, which generally are organic compounds of complex structure.
Water is used as the principal medium to apply e.g. dyes and various chemicals. As a result, the industry uses very high volumes of water in its manufacturing processes; this water is extremely polluted after use. Pollution in industrial wastewater is primarily generated by the various processes. The major pollutants in wastewaters are high suspended solids, heat, colour, acidity and other soluble substances.
The substances which need to be removed from wastewater are mainly COD, BOD, nitrogen, heavy metals and dyestuffs.
Due to the constant changing processes, the quality parameters of the waste water are very variable, rendering traditional water treatment solutions inadequate. 
Furthermore, the industry faces issues with the availability, price and quality of input wateroutput water discharge standards and costsenvironmental footprint
The Solution

Water4Allís solutions use a process of electro flocculation combined with ultra and nano filtration to eliminate pollutants from waste water.
Our systems are remotely monitored and continuously optimised during the treatment process by our proprietary software.
This results in a very high percentage of re-usable water at extremely low operational costs.
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