The Challenge
To make drinking water available to the whole planet in several locations the surface water has to be treated to avoid diarrhea and other diseases. Competing processes available require the input of a wide range of chemicals, which generally are organic compounds of complex structure. Generally drinking water plants are large-scale, complex installations which are generally positioned in a community and require a large piping system. These infrastructures are expensive in maintance and difficult to expand. Water4all develloped a system which avoids these problems.
From surface water to drinking water, as:
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The Solution
Water4Allís solutions use a process of electro flocculation combined with ultra and nano filtration to eliminate pollutants from surface water.
Our systems can be remotely monitored and continuously optimised during the treatment process by our proprietary software.
This results in a very high percentage of re-usable drinking water at extremely low operational costs.
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