Our clean drinking water solutions

We offer several solutions that make it environmentally and economically possible to purify surface water to clean drinking water through the use of high quality products, being cost efficient, offering autonomous solutions and sustain from chemical usage.



We believe that the most important factors of a drinking water solution should be robustness, durability and reliability. Hence, we only make use of high quality instruments and parts to ensure the quality of our solutions.


Cost efficient

We strive to make clean drinking water solutions financially available for everybody. Therefore, we ensure that our solutions have low operational costs to offer a financial viable option.



We are aware that not all places around the world have the same access to resources. Hence, we offer autonomous and remotely controlled solutions to tackle this pressing issue.


No chemical usage

We believe that water purification process should not embed the usage of chemicals due to the residue that will stay in the water. Hence, we develop solutions that are focussed on sustaining from chemicals.

Our containerized solutions

We offer four different solutions in standardized containers that have an output between the 30m³ a day up to 500m³ a day. Of course the output of clean drinking water will depend on the quality of the water that needs to be purified. We are proud to state that since our solutions are modular together we are able to offer customizable solutions that have virtually no limit.

Output of 30m³ per day

  • Build in a 10 feet container
  • Optimal solution for hotels and other small facilities

Output of 100m³ per day

  • Build in a 20 feet container
  • Optimal solution for large companies and large facilities

Output of 250m³ per day

  • Build in a 20 feet container
  • Optimal solution for small villages

Output of 500m³ per day

extra large
  • Build in a 40 feet container
  • Optimal solution for large villages

Our container

On the left a picture of one of our containers is show. This container is based on ultra filtration and nano filtration.

Our partners

To assure the we deliver high quality instruments within our containerized water treatment solutions we work together with partners that are specialized in their field of expertise. Below you will find the partners that we would like to highlight due to their outstanding products that we use in our water treatment solutions.


Jotem Waterbehandeling

Jotem Water treatment is an experienced specialist when it comes to treating tap; spring; surface; sea and waste water. Jotem advises, designs, builds and maintains water treatment installations for various industries and companies.


NX Filtration

The focus of NX Filtration is on production of hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes for industrial and municipal applications, these include removal of micro-pollutants, softening, and color or TOC/DOC removal.

About us

Water4All, based in the Netherlands, supplies a range of innovative water treatment concepts for a wide range of stakeholders; ranging from global municipals, charity funds  to industrial markets. We focus on offering containerized water treatment systems for the purification of different kinds of water into clean drinking water.

Our mission

“We make existing water treatment technology tangible and available for everyone’s benefit within the current environmental and sustainable constraints.”

Our goal

We strive, through the use of a remotely controlled and fully autonomous system, to offer innovative containerized water treatment solutions to contribute to the challenges of the global water crisis and to create beneficial situations for local economics and companies.

How we do it

Our solutions use a process of electro flocculation combined with ultra and nano filtration to eliminate pollutants from surface water. Our systems can be remotely monitored and continuously optimized during the treatment process by our proprietary software. This results in a very high percentage of re-usable drinking water at extremely low operational costs. 

Our technology

Our technology is designed to minimize the use of chemicals in the purification process and complying to the drinking water standards set by the World Health Organization. To avoid the use of chemicals in the purification process we make use of a combination of electrocoagulation and membrane filtration. The electrocoagulation makes it possible for us to refrain from using chemicals through the flocculation particles are being separated from the water.